Ocean cases

Realistic test cases demonstrating various GOTM features.

Photo by Hans Burchard.

These six test cases have been designed such that various GOTM features in terms of realistic external forcing are included. FLEX is a classical open shelf sea scenario showing the development of a thermal surface mixed layer due to spring warming during about two months. Tides and wind forcing are included. Gotland Deep is a multi-annual non-tidal scenario for the Central Baltic Sea, including the development of a summer thermocline overlaying a permanent halocline. The Liverpool Bay scenario is driven by tides overlaid by estimated horizontal gradients of temperature and salinity, resulting in tidal straining. Besides temperature, salinity and velocity, observed dissipation rates are read in. The two Northern North Sea scenarios show the erosion of the thermocline during autumn (Northern NS (Seasonal)), including observations of temperature, salinity and dissipation rate and a complete annual cycle which gives an ideal base for studying shelf sea ecosystem dynamics (Northern NS (Annual)). Finally, OWS Papa is a real open ocean scenario representing the conditions at the Ocean Weather Ship (OWS) Papa station in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

Sidney Whale Watching

Sidney Whale Watching