CVMix module

Qing Li

June 22, 2020

The Community Vertical Mixing Project (CVMix) is a portable vertical mixing software package providing an extensible framework for the development of first-order closures. Currently it includes subroutines allowing the surface and interior turbulent mixing closures in the K-profile parameterization (KPP, Large et al., 1994), as well as a few KPP variants that include the effects of Langmuir turbulence (e.g., Li et al., 2016, Reichl et al., 2016 and Li and Fox-Kemper, 2017).

Following the efforts of Li et al., 2019, CVMix is now included in GOTM as a submodule with an interface enabling KPP and its Langmuir turbulence variants. The CVMix module is enabled by building GOTM with the CMake flag -DGOTM_USE_CVMIX=true and using turb_method=100 in the GOTM configuration file. It includes an interface do_cvmix() separate from do_turbulence() which assembles the CVMix subroutines to do KPP.

KPP in CVMix (KPP-CVMix) is compared with the generic length scale model (GLS; Umlauf and Burchard, 2003) in the k-epsilon formulation with the weak-equilibrium stability function by Canuto et al., 2001 (GLS-C01A) using the Gotland Deep test case. The figure below shows a seasonal cycle of the simulated temperature in the two cases.