Check NetCDF library availability

Karsten Bolding

August 1, 2019

The script is only usable for Linux and Mac users as the NetCDF libraries are included for Windows.

Since NetCDF 4.4.1 a utility called - nf-config - is installed alongside the libraries. This utility is used by the GOTM CMake configuration to include necessary compile and link information (1).

So first thing is to check the availability of nf-config:

command -v nf-config

If nf-config exists we can continue to the next test - can CMake actually find the NetCDF libraries. You must be in the GOTM main folder when executing this command.

cmake -P extern/flexout/cmake/Modules/FindNetCDF.cmake

If the latter command writes - among other things - Found NetCDF - it is safe to proceed with the configuration and compilation of GOTM.

If the command fails steps must be taken to remedy the problem. How - is beyond the gotm-users and gotm-devel mailing lists.

The above have been put in a small script with some additional information written to the terminal. The script is execuated as:

  1. There is another way of specifying the information but that is only for very old systems - before 4.4.1 - or in other special cases.