GOTM -- the main program (Source File: main.F90)


    program main

This is the main program of GOTM. However, because GOTM has been programmed in a modular way, this routine is very short and merely calls internal routines of other modules. Its main purpose is to update the time and to call the internal routines init_gotm(), time_loop(), and clean_up(), which are defined in the module gotm as discussed in section 2.2.


    use time
    use gotm
    Original author(s): Karsten Bolding & Hans Burchard
    $Log: main.F90,v $
    Revision 1.7  2005-11-15 11:45:08  lars
    documentation finish for print
    Revision 1.6  2005/06/27 13:44:07  kbk
    modified + removed traling blanks
    Revision 1.5  2003/03/28 09:20:34  kbk
    added new copyright to files
    Revision 1.4  2003/03/10 09:20:28  gotm
    Added new Generic Turbulence Model +
    improved documentation and cleaned up code
    Revision 1.3  2001/11/18 13:07:06  gotm
    Revision 1.3  2001/09/19 08:26:08  gotm
    Only calls CPU_time() if -DFORTRAN95
    Revision 1.2  2001/05/31 12:00:52  gotm
    Correction in the calculation of the shear squared calculation
    - now according to Burchard 1995 (Ph.D. thesis).
    Also some cosmetics and cleaning of Makefiles.
    Revision  2001/02/12 15:55:59  gotm
    initial import into CVS

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