Update turbulence production (Source File: production.F90)


    subroutine production(nlev,NN,SS,xP)

This subroutine calculates the production terms of turbulent kinetic energy as defined in (152) and the production of buoayancy variance as defined in (159). The shear-production is computed according to

$\displaystyle P = \nu_t (M^2 + \alpha_w N^2) + X_P \; , \quad$ (146)

with the turbulent diffusivity of momentum, $ \nu_t$, defined in (44). The shear-frequency, $ M$, is discretised as described in section 3.2.14. The term multiplied by $ \alpha_w$ traces back to a parameterisation of breaking internal waves suggested by Mellor (1989). $ X_P$ is an extra production term, connected for example with turbulence production caused by sea-grass, see (272) in section 10.1. xP is an optional argument in the FORTRAN code.

Similarly, according to (78), the buoyancy production is computed from the expression

$\displaystyle G=-\nu^B_t N^2 + \tilde{\Gamma}_B \; , \quad$ (147)

with the turbulent diffusivity, $ \nu^B_t$, defined in (44). The second term in (147) represents the non-local buoyancy flux. The buoyancy-frequency, $ N$, is discretised as described in section 3.2.15.

The production of buoyancy variance by vertical meanflow gradients follows from (78) and (147)

$\displaystyle P_b = -G N^2 \quad .$ (148)

Thus, according to the definition of the potential energy (50), the buoyancy production $ G$ describes the conversion between turbulent kinetic and potential energy in (150) and (158), respectively.


    use turbulence, only: P,B,Pb
    use turbulence, only: num,nuh
    use turbulence, only: alpha,iw_model
    number of vertical layers
    integer,  intent(in)                :: nlev
    boyancy frequency squared (1/s^2)
    REALTYPE, intent(in)                :: NN(0:nlev)
    shear-frequency squared (1/s^2)
    REALTYPE, intent(in)                :: SS(0:nlev)
    TKE production due to seagrass
    friction (m^2/s^3)
    REALTYPE, intent(in), optional      :: xP(0:nlev)
    Original author(s): Karsten Bolding, Hans Burchard
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