Annual North Sea simulation

Here the annual simulation of the Northern Sea at 59$ ^{\circ}$20" N and 1$ ^{\circ}$17' E during the year 1998 as discussed by Bolding et al. (2002) is performed.

For this simulation, time series of surface slopes $ \partial_x\zeta$ and $ \partial_y\zeta$ were extrapolated from observations during autumn 1998 based on four partial tides by means of harmonic analysis (the program for doing this was kindly provided by Frank Janssen, now at the Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemünde). All necessary meteorological data are from the UK Meteorological Office Model. For calculating the resulting surface fluxes, the bulk formulae from Kondo (1975) are used here. Since no observations for the sea surface temperature (SST) are available for the whole year 1998 at station NNS, the simulated SST is used as input into the bulk formulae. For the evolution of the vertical salinity profile, which is known to stabilise stratification during summer months, a relaxation to results obtained with a prognostic three-dimensional model of the North Sea by Pohlmann (1996). By doing so, the horizontal advection, which is the dominant process for salinity dynamics in the Northern North Sea, is parameterised.

Data files:

sprof.dat salinity in ppt from three-dimensional model of Pohlmann (1996)
tprof.dat potential temperature in $ ^{\circ}$C from the three-dimensional
  model of Pohlmann (1996)
pressure.dat sea surface slopes from tidal analysis of observations
meteonns.dat meteorological data from UK Met Office model
sst.dat sea surface temperature in $ ^{\circ}$C from analysis by Bundesamt für
  Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie, Hamburg, Germany

Karsten Bolding 2012-01-24