GOTM scenarios

In this section, all scenarios included in the GOTM homepage for download are briefly discussed here. An overview is given in table 10. Information about how to install and run the scenarios can be found on the GOTM homepage,

Table 10: List of GOTM scenarios described in this section
Section Title Scenario name
12.1.1 Couette-flow couette
12.1.2 Pressure-gradient driven channel flow channel
12.1.3 Breaking surface-waves wave_breaking
12.1.4 Some entrainment scenarios entrainment
12.1.5 Estarine dynamics estuary
12.1.6 seagrass canopy dynamics seagrass
12.2.1 Fladenground Experiment flex
12.2.2 Annual North Sea simulation nns_annual
12.2.3 Seasonal North Sea simulation nns_seasonal
12.2.4 Liverpool Bay liverpool_bay
12.2.5 Gotland Deep in Baltic Sea gotland_deep
12.2.6 Middelbank in Baltic Sea reynolds
12.3.1 Ocean Weather Ship Papa ows_papa
12.4.1 Lago Maggiore lago_maggiore

Karsten Bolding 2012-01-24