Saving the results

GOTM provides an easily extendible interface for storing calculated results. The main specifications are given via the output namelist in gotmrun.inp. The most important member in this namelist is the integer out_fmt. Changing this variable will select the output format -- presently ASCII and NetCDF are supported.

In GOTM output is triggered by do_output() called inside the main integration loop (see section 2.2). Completely separated from the core of GOTM, a format specific subroutine is called to do the actual output. We strongly recommend to use the NetCDF format -- mainly because it is well established and save -- but also because a large number of graphical programmes can read NetCDF. Another reason is the powerful package `nco' which provides some nice programs for manipulating NetCDF files. Information about how to install and use NetCDF and nco can be found at


Karsten Bolding 2012-01-24