subroutine get_ext_pressure(method,unit,jul,secs)

This routine will provide the external pressure-gradient, either from analytical expressions or read-in from a file. The subroutine is called in get_all_obs() as part of the main integration loop. In case of observations from file the temporal interpolation is done in this routine.


    use time,         only: time_diff,julian_day,fsecs
    use observations, only: init_saved_vars,read_obs
    use observations, only: pi,h_press,dpdx,dpdy
    use observations, only: AmpMu,AmpMv,PhaseMu,PhaseMv,PeriodM
    use observations, only: AmpSu,AmpSv,PhaseSu,PhaseSv,PeriodS
    use observations, only: PressConstU,PressConstV,PressHeight
    integer, intent(in)                 :: method,unit,jul,secs
    Original author(s): Karsten Bolding
    $Log: get_ext_pressure.F90,v $
    Revision 1.11  2010-09-17 12:53:49  jorn
    extensive code clean-up to ensure proper initialization and clean-up of all variables
    Revision 1.10  2009-03-23 10:00:28  lars
    compute h_press also for method=1
    Revision 1.9  2006-12-07 16:47:50  hb
    Bug removed for PressMethod=1
    Revision 1.8  2006-11-27 09:25:18  kbk
    use logical var init_saved_vars to initialise saved variables
    Revision 1.7  2005/11/15 11:02:32  lars
    documentation finish for print
    Revision 1.6  2005/06/27 13:44:07  kbk
    modified + removed traling blanks
    Revision 1.5  2003/03/28 09:20:35  kbk
    added new copyright to files
    Revision 1.4  2003/03/28 09:02:09  kbk
    removed tabs
    Revision 1.3  2003/03/10 08:51:57  gotm
    Improved documentation and cleaned up code
    Revision 1.2  2001/05/31 12:00:52  gotm
    Correction in the calculation of the shear squared calculation
    - now according to Burchard 1995 (Ph.D. thesis).
    Also some cosmetics and cleaning of Makefiles.
    Revision  2001/02/12 15:55:58  gotm
    initial import into CVS

Karsten Bolding 2012-01-24