The authors of this report are grateful to the former members of the GOTM Team for their persisting cooperation. These are particularly members from the very first days of GOTM which took place at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Italy) in 1998: Manuel Ruiz Villarreal who worked after the Ispra time in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Lisboa (Portugal), Hamburg (Germany), and Warnemünde (Germany) before he moved back to his home country for working in A Coruña (Spain). Pierre-Phillipe Mathieu who went to Reading (U.K.) for some time before he arrived in Frascati (Italy) recently. We further want to acknowledge those of the almost 200 subscribed users of GOTM from all over the world who helped us to improve GOTM, reported bugs, and motivated us to go on with this zero-budget project. It was also the important role which GOTM played in several projects, mostly funded by the European Commission, which helped a lot to maintain GOTM. These projects were MAS3-CT96-0053 ('PHASE'), MAS3-CT96-0051 ('MTP II-MATER'), MAS3-CT97-0025 ('PROVESS'), and especially CARTUM (Comparative Analysis and Rationalisation of Second-Moment Turbulence Models), a brainstorming activity (MAS3-CT98-0172), which brought together turbulence specialists from all over the world. We are finally grateful to all those other people working on the Public Domain Software without which a project like GOTM would be unthinkable: LATEX, PROTEX, LINUX and many others.

Karsten Bolding 2012-12-28